Risk Control

Xordium’s risk control operating theorem was established with the philosophy that companies can effectively control the potential for financial loss as it relates to liability and occupational incidents by applying management techniques that Xordium have developed through experience.

Xordium's approach to risk control is to accept the goals and objectives of the client's current management system and to define risk management objectives that work toward accomplishing those goals. This approach redefines "safety" as part of management's economic objectives, so as to facilitate its acceptance within the existing management system, at all levels of management, in order to meet existing goals. Management tools, including measurement methodology and audit functions, are developed from existing management methods, thereby minimizing implementation time and maximizing acceptance.

Xordium's belief that "the cost of controlling losses should not exceed the value of the return" is actualized by economically justifying any programs it introduces, so that management can make decisions based on expected return.

Our safety consultants have performed risk control audits for insureds, self-insureds, brokers, insurance companies, reinsurance companies and State Self-Insured Plans. Our services are customized to the clients needs. We will audit the company’s risk control management system, prepare policies and procedures for both operational and corporate locations, and monitor safety activities through periodic consultative visits. We provide various management and employee training programs, prepare Illness and Injury Prevention Plans to comply with SB 198.

We represent our clients regarding any compliance visits by Cal-OSHA. We have been extremely successful in representing our client’s interests in defending against unwarranted, arbitrary and capricious citations.

Our current and past client list includes corporations large and small; construction companies, container manufacturers, paper mills, pharmaceutical firms, health care providers, food products manufacturers, home care and hospice programs, pharmaceutical distribution, restaurants, plastic sheeting and injection molding, warehousing/distribution, temporary service providers, retail, mall operations, hospitality industry, municipalities, school districts, electronics and heavy industry. Because we have worked with so many different types of businesses, we are able to hit the ground running.

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