About Me

Experience You Can Count On

I am Fred Gillett, the one and only Principal Consultant with Xordium. My wife Karen and I started Xordium in 1985. She has since retired but I have continued on with the work I enjoy doing. I have specialized in liability risk control consulting to help clients identify with real or potential costs of loss and the ability to manage the risks. I have worked with Fortune 500 corporations; small business owners; consulted for and with casualty insurance companies; corporate risk management; and in consulting with attorneys on issues of personal injuries resulting from allegations of liability; and assisted in resolving compliance citations from OSHA and Cal-OSHA. My areas of expertise in risk control and/or risk analysis include occupational health, safety, workers' compensation and in general application of liability risk and generally accepted safety practices.  

I have over 50 years of experience in these fields and have been retained by Corporations, Insurance companies and Attorney firms to assist them as a consultant and/or Expert Witness.

I have consulted with a variety of private industries and public agencies, including county governments, municipalities, school districts, manufacturing, aerospace, bio-technical manufacturing, retail operations, construction, food processing, commercial laundries, healthcare, residential care facilities, hospitality, temporary/leasing employment agencies, private security and guard services, construction trades and distribution and warehousing operations.  

I have been considered one of the most experienced generalists in the fields of insurance risk management, general liability safety issues, occupational safety and workers' compensation. I have testified as an expert witness in arbitration and court room proceedings. I take pride in dissecting issues, identifying and communicating causes while cutting through the proverbial slush in the middle. I can communicate well with all levels of company personnel, with most attorneys, Judges and juries, assisting them in the complexities of generally accepted safety standards in most every environment.

I look forward to working with you as well.